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Solon Chamber of Commerce formed the Northern Ohio Area Chambers of Commerce (NOACC), which now consists of 123 chambers of commerce with more than 35,000 eligible businesses. Through NOACC, the Solon Chamber of Commerce is able to offer substantial savings on benefits and services to you and your employees.


Health Insurance through Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield

Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield has been serving the health insurance needs of Ohio businesses for nearly 60 years. Today it has the largest network of healthcare providers and hospitals, making it the region’s best insurance provider. Anthem is connected to all the major hospitals and healthcare systems in Northern Ohio including The Cleveland Clinic and University Hospitals, giving you and your employees your choice of providers and hospitals.

Discounted health insurance through a leading provider is good news for small businesses like yours. You can get cost savings usually reserved for larger companies, because you get the purchasing power of our group insurance market through your chamber of commerce membership. Through the Chamber’s affiliation with NOACC, you receive a discount below the normal low Anthem premiums.
You also get access to the comprehensive care and quality providers you’ve come to expect. Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield is the health insurance plan of choice for the Northern Ohio Area Chambers of Commerce.
Your Chamber membership offers premium savings on Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield Health, Life, and Disability Insurance through Anthem’s ChamberSaver program.  Click here for a free quote.

Workers Compensation Premium Reduction

Chamber members have saved millions in workers’ comp premiums through the Chamber’s Worker’s Comp benefit program through NOACC (Northern Ohio Association of Chambers fo Commerce). Benefits 1 Group is NOACC’s choice for its benefits rating program. They are a local company and specialize in working with small businesses.

To receive a free no-obligation analysis and learn how you can compare costs and services and save click here to download a Temporary Authorization form that allows Benefits 1 Group to provide you with a no obligation free quote or you may contact Benefits 1 Group directly.


Benefits 1 Group
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877-765-4200 (toll free)
888-588-7630 (fax)