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primrose-schoolsThe Foundation for a Healthy Lifestyle: Encouraging Daily Physical Activity for Children

By: Jana Massary Franchise Owner, Primrose School of Solon        

As an active participant in the NEO 5k GLO (click to register here), you value the importance of physical activity and all of the benefits that come along with a healthy lifestyle.  If you have a toddler or preschooler in your family, chances are you have more trouble getting them to sit still than be active. But even with all of their natural energy, it’s still important for parents to encourage and support children’s physical development. Research shows that daily physical activity may help increase attention span and improve cognitive processing, and children who develop basic physical skills, such as throwing, catching and balancing, are more likely to grow into healthy, active adults. In short, learning basic physical skills is essential to your child’s healthy growth and development!

Children, however, do not necessarily learn physical skills on their own – they need guidance from adults and challenging activities and opportunities to practice and refine physical skills. To help your child develop physically, use the tips below to create a fun, active and healthy environment for your family.

Provide safe spaces for physical activity. Designate safe spaces inside and outside of your home for your child to be active. Take a moment to see the world through his or her eyes to identify any potential hazards in the space. For example, are there any cords to trip over when playing inside? Similarly, before playtime begins address any rules, like staying in the yard and out of the road, and discourage any negative behaviors, such as throwing a ball at another child’s face.

Make age-appropriate equipment available. Developing motor skills and other physical skills is like learning to read, write or do math problems – it requires the proper materials or equipment. For infants, soft blocks and rattles promote fine motor skills like pinching and grasping, and toddlers may use shape sorters, puzzles and nesting toys to develop fine motor skills. Balls of various sizes will help preschoolers practice gross motor skills like throwing, rolling, catching and kicking. Regardless of your child’s age, be sure that the equipment is soft, lightweight and age-appropriate. Watch how your child naturally plays with the equipment and feel free to change the game to help him or her enjoy the activity.

Promote a feeling of success for your child. Skills are acquired incrementally and children who do not experience success have a tendency to lose interest and quit trying. Try to create some easy victories for your child. For example, if he or she is not yet able to successfully throw and hit a target, encourage your child to move a little closer. Regardless of your child’s skill level, be a supportive coach and acknowledge effort with specific, encouraging comments.

Be active with your child. Rather than sending your child outside to play, be a role model and get some exercise at the same time by participating in games and other activities that require physical exertion.

Easy and fun activities include:

  • Playing four-square or hopscotch, using sidewalk chalk to create the grid
  • Blowing bubbles then chasing them around the yard to see who can catch them
  • Playing lawn games like Red Light, Green Light
  • Running through the sprinklers, weather permitting

When children come into the world, physical activity is at the very center of their lives. They are on a mission to learn to crawl, walk, run, throw, catch and kick. Nurture that desire to be active that begins in infancy by playing with your child each day to ensure he or she develops a love for fitness and healthy habits for years to come.

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