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Congressman David Joyce

Congressman David Joyce

The Solon Chamber Board of Directors is working hard to represent

Mike DeWine, Ohio Attorney General

Mike DeWine, Ohio Attorney General

the business community and provide legislative awareness. The Chamber coordinates advocacy efforts on behalf of members and the business community. The goal is to always improve the area’s business climate, build a stronger economy, and ensure that public policy decisions adequately take into account the needs of businesses and the local economy to maintain and improve our quality of life.

President/CEO Jennifer Natale and Board Chairman, Greg Rosenberg, are the chamber’s chief spokespersons. They are assisted by the Chambers’ Executive Committee, Board of Directors and staff.

The Solon Chamber’s advocacy is conducted by the following means:

Access to Washington: Congressman David Joyce speaks annually at the August 3Chamber Luncheon Meeting with a “Washington Update” address. In addition, access to local, state and federal representatives. 

Access to COSE’s advocacy:COSE 200px

  • Small Business Advocacy Action Center
  • Public Policy Agenda
  • Advocacy Leadership
Mayor Drucker

Mayor Drucker

Access to City of Solon: Mayor Susan Drucker, City of Solon, delivers the annual State of the City at the March Luncheon Meeting.


Legislative Committee – a Solon Chamber member is represented at City Council meetings through a delegate. Also, Active Past Presidents, Bill Russo, serves on the City Council, and Bill Mazur, serves on the Planning Commission.

Joe Regano NL

Joe Regano

Access to Solon Schools: At the May Luncheon Meeting, Joe Regano, Superintendent, Solon Board of Education, delivers the Solon schools update and honors the Solon High School Scholarship winners for the Solon Chamber of Commerce Scholarship Fund. Student Job Board on the Chamber website keeps the talent local.


Economic Development – Partnership Solon Chamber and City of Solon:

President/CEO Jennifer Natale is serves on the Enterprise Zone Task Force with Economic Development Manager, Peggy Weil Dorfman.
Other partnerships that foster growth:
Business Visitation Program
Get Savings Solon Program
Student Job Board
Manufacturing Task Force


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