Most of us have asked ourselves that. For some it’s their civic duty. For others it’s to support local businesses. But it should be more than that. And I’m so proud to explain why there is… a lot more. 2018 is the year of maximizing member value! Here’s what’s in it for you-essential tools for  your business, and why I hope you will be as excited as I am to be a proud member of the Solon Chamber:

  • Expand your business contacts and customer base at over 100 in-person fun and productive networking events every year!
  • Generate and receive referrals as part of the Business Builder Group which is a free networking group that meets twice a month!
  • Increase business from new online channels. Our proprietary ShopSolonFirst.com website is a business directory to help you better connect with local users of your products and services. You get a free premium listing to separate you from the rest with photos, unlimited descriptions and an online form for customers to reach you 24/7. It also directs them back to your own website.
  • Create a safer workplace, while reducing costs and saving your company up to 4% in workers’ comp and $40,000 in grant money available. Membership in the State of Ohio sponsored Western Reserve Safety Council is reduced to only $50 per year for Chamber members!

There’s a lot more, but sometimes things get murky when you have to read through a very long list of benefits, and the message gets lost. Give the office a call at (440) 248-5080 to answer your questions and help you maximize the value you get from being a member of the best Chamber of Commerce in Ohio.

– Cary